Position A

David Miller

Senior Environment Scientist
California Department of Toxic Substances Control

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Position B

Michael Bilbrey (Incumbent)

Bookstore Operations Coordinator
Citrus Community College

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Our Pension is in Our Hands

We can protect our pensions and our healthcare. It’s time to vote in the CalPERS elections.

Vote Online – Recommended!

Go to www.calpersboardelections.com and follow the instructions on the screen.

You will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN), whichcan be found on the ballot card mailed to you in your ballot package.

I’m Ready to Vote!

Vote by Phone

Call (800) 270-7146 and follow the automated voice instructions.

You will need your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be found on the ballot card mailed to you in your ballot package.

Vote by Mail

Follow the instructions in the Candidate Statement Booklet and complete the ballot that are included in the ballot package mailed to you. You must sign your name in the designated area on the paper ballot.

Questions? Lost or Spoiled Ballot?

If you spoil your official ballot, you may request a replacement ballot from the CalPERS Board Election Call Center at (888) 492-4763. Do not request a replacement ballot if you have already mailed your official ballot to CalPERS.

If you lose your prepaid return envelope, you can use your own envelope by clearly printing the words 2017 CalPERS Board of Administration Member-at-Large Election on the outside of the envelope. Mail your official ballot to: CalPERS, c/o Integrity Voting Systems, PO Box 9050, Everett, WA 98206-9915.

If you have questions about the Board election process or need further assistance, email the CalPERS Board Election Office or call (916) 795-3007.

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