October 8, 2016

Prop 53

No On Prop 53

Requires voter approval for revenue bonds over $2 billion

California is in desperate need of improved infrastructure and good jobs. Prop 53 stands in the way of both. Our bridges, roads, dams, and electricity grids shouldn’t be turned into political footballs.

In a Nutshell
  • Makes it harder to pass “revenue bonds” for projects over $2 billion by requiring a statewide vote.
  • Right now, revenue bonds are not repaid by our tax dollars, so they do not require a vote.
  • Revenue bonds are paid by users of the infrastructure being built, such as water systems.1
Effect on SEIU Members
  • Prop 53 would reduce infrastructure investment by making it harder – this affects SEIU members who are involved in managing and carrying out local infrastructure projects.
  • Infrastructure also affects everyone: if our bridges, roads, dams, ports, energy grid, and rail lines fall further into disrepair, our economy will suffer.
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Supporters Say
Californians should have the right to vote when the state issues massive new debt for multi-billion dollar projects.

Prop 53 would hold politicians accountable and would require them to provide accurate estimates of how much a project would cost.

SEIU California
Governor Jerry Brown

Our bridges, roads, dams, and electricity grids shouldn’t be turned into political footballs.

Opponents Say3

California’s infrastructure – bridges, roads, and other major projects – is in desperate need of repair, and this measure will stand in the way.

For many local and regional projects, local voters wouldn’t be able to decide anymore – it would have to be put up to a statewide vote.

Prop 53 contains no exemptions for natural disasters. It could take as long as two years to start repairs on infrastructure after a flood or earthquake.

For More Information:

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