October 9, 2016

Prop 57


Reforms Parole and Juvenile Sentencing

California’s prison population has increased by 500% since the 1970’s, and spending on prisons has surpassed spending on colleges.1 This approach has cost us billions, done nothing to rehabilitate prisoners, and has disproportionately affected communities of color.

In a Nutshell
  • Prop 57 allows nonviolent offenders who finish their sentences to earn credit toward parole for good behavior and rehabilitation.
  • Prop 57 will reduce the number of juveniles sent to adult prisons, because judges not prosecutors will decide whether to try a juvenile as an adult.
  • Prop 57 will save the state tens of millions of dollars annually.2

SEIU members prioritized racial justice at our convention this year. Criminal justice reform is essential to that goal.

Effect on SEIU Members
  • SEIU members are the workers who provide much of the rehabilitation in prisons; they have been deeply cut. SEIU members also provide parole supervision and re-entry support.
  • SEIU members prioritized racial justice at our convention this year. Criminal justice reform is essential to that goal.
Governor Jerry Brown
California Catholic Bishops Association
California Faculty Association
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
SEIU California

Supporters Say
  • Prop 57 improves public safety and reduces costs by encouraging prisoners to rehabilitate.
  • Prop 57 will save money better spent on education.
  • Racial disparities plague our criminal justice system. Mass incarceration disproportionately affects communities of color.
  • We need to get smarter on crime and shift more of our resources to things like schools and colleges.
San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer
California District Attorneys Association
California Peace Officers Association
Opponents Say
  • Prop 57 allows government bureaucrats to determine what is “good behavior” and release dangerous criminals from prison.
  • Prop 57 will increase crime.
For More Information:

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