October 9, 2016

Prop 65


Takes Reusable Bag Money From Local Retailers

Prop 65 is one of the worst examples of using the initiative process to deceive voters. It pretends to be about protecting wildlife, but its real purpose is to undermine California’s single use plastic bag ban.

In a Nutshell
  • Creates a brand new wildlife protection fund
  • Requires that the fee for re-usable bags be diverted from local retailers to this new fund
  • Contains legal provision that could kill the single-use plastic bag ban
Effect on SEIU Members
  • SEIU members support a statewide plastic bag ban (Prop 67) instead of Prop 65 because we care about the future of California and the environment our children and grandchildren will grow up in.
Hilex Poly Co., LLC1
Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A.2
Advanced Polybag, Inc.3

Supporters Say4
  • Prop 65 redirects millions of dollars in bag taxes into an environmental fund.
  • This fund will be run by the California Wildlife Conservation Board to support worthy environmental projects.
SEIU California
League of Women Voters of California
Clean Water Action

Opponents Say5
  • Prop 65 pretends to be about protecting wildlife, but it’s really a trick to help overturn California’s plastic bag ban that will keep hundreds of millions of plastic bags out of our environment.
  • Prop 65 is backed by the big out-of-state plastic companies.
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