October 9, 2016

Prop 67


Upholds California’s Plastic Bag Ban

Every year, California spends over $100 million dollars cleaning up plastic bag litter. By 2050, there will be more plastic bags by weight in the ocean than fish, and plastic, which never biodegrades, is a poisonous threat to 663 species of ocean life.1 We owe our children healthy oceans.

In a Nutshell
  • California already passed a plastic bag ban to help our environment and keep our ocean clean, but big plastic companies are trying to overturn it.
  • Prop 67 would keep California’s single-use plastic bag ban. No changes will take place in jurisdictions that have local bag bans.2
Effect on SEIU Members
  • SEIU members support Prop 67 because we care about the future of California and the environment our children and grandchildren will grow up in.
SEIU California
Sierra Club California
League of Women Voters of California

Supporters Say5
  • Before California passed a ban to phase out single use plastic bags, the state used 30 billion bags a year.
  • These bags harm sea animals like turtles and birds and create giant plastic garbage patches in our oceans.
  • Out-of-state plastic companies are behind the effort to overturn this crucial environmental protection law.
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
The Dow Chemical Company
California Manufacturers and Technology Association
American Forest & Paper Association

Opponents Say6
  • Prop 67 would cost consumers more money, as it would extend the 10 cent charge for paper or thicker plastic reusable bags statewide.
  • Grocers would keep the revenue from reusable bag fees instead of directing this money to help the environment.
  • Single-use bags are more sanitary and prevent the spread of diseases.
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