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Gavin has fought for universal healthcare and for raising the minimum wage. He is committed to creating more affordable housing and investing in our kid’s development and education from birth until they can find a quality job and successful career.


Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez has an unmatched record of fighting for SEIU members and the labor movement, and we know we can count on him to continue leading the charge for higher wages, universal healthcare, good benefits and a fair, growing and thriving middle class economy as our next Lieutenant Governor.


SEIU California is proud to endorse Attorney General Becerra for a full term because we know we can count on his legal skills, deep experience in federal policy issues, and his commitment to protect immigrant rights, worker rights, civil rights, and the human right of access to healthcare.


Tony’s record proves that he gets things done for students with the greatest needs, like when he expanded the free lunch program to 400,000 students, and how he advocates for school-based health services and foster youth.


A devout progressive champion, Ricardo Lara has been a bold force on behalf of working families and efforts to expand healthcare to all Californians, regardless of their status.


Workers’ votes are our voices and Secretary of State Alex Padilla is committed to make voting accessible for all communities and ensuring our voices are never silenced.


As Controller, Betty is in a critical position to ensure our tax dollars deliver the highest quality public services, and she’s not afraid to take on the corporations and special interests who would profiteer on the backs of hard-working people.


Fiona Ma’s deep experience in budget and finance, on top of her crucial leadership in protecting Californians’ health and advancing access to care, make her SEIU California’s choice in 2018.

YES on Proposition 1

Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018: Prop 1 authorizes the state to issue $4 billion in general obligation bonds for the construction and preservation of affordable housing. $1 billion of the bond will be used to build affordable homes and provides supportive housing for struggling families and children, people experiencing homelessness and individuals with disabilities.

YES on Proposition 2

No Place Like Home Act of 2018: SEIU members have a crucial role in serving people on our streets living with mental illness. Prop 2 supports our work by leveraging existing funds to ramp up the intensive, coordinated care to connect housing with mental health services and addiction treatment for people living with a serious mental illness who are homeless or at great risk of becoming homeless.

NO POSITION on Proposition 3

California Water Bond Act of 2018: Authorizes $8.877 billion in state general obligation bonds for various infrastructure projects. Fiscal Impact: Increased state costs to repay bonds averaging $430 million per year over 40 years. Local government savings for water-related projects, likely averaging a couple hundred million dollars annually over the next few decades.

YES on Proposition 4

Children’s Hospital Bond Act of 2018: Prop 4 would give the state permission to borrow $1.5 billion to renovate, expand, and upgrade hospitals that treat children. Most of the funding is reserved for private non-profit hospitals and hospitals run through one of University of California campuses.

NO on Proposition 5

Property Tax Transfer Initiative: While workers and families in California are struggling under the worst housing crisis in recent history, Prop 5 creates a new big tax break only for the wealthiest property owners over 55, making it harder for families starting out to buy their first home and would drain more than $1 billion from funding schools and crucial local services SEIU members provide such as homelessness services, parks and libraries, hospitals and health clinics, and more.

NO on Proposition 6

Stop the Attack on Road & Bridge Safety: Proposition 6 would make our bridges and roads less safe and jeopardizes public safety. Prop 6 would bring 6,500 projects underway to a screeching halt, eliminate 68,000 good paying jobs, and cost California $183 billion in economic investments.

NO POSITION on Proposition 7

Permanent Daylight Saving Time Measure: Gives Legislature ability to change daylight saving time period by two-thirds vote, if changes are consistent with federal law. Fiscal Impact: This measure has no direct fiscal effect because changes to daylight saving time would depend on future actions by the Legislature and potentially the federal government.

YES on Proposition 8

Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act: Dialysis corporations make billions by inflating charges for some of the most gravely ill patients, but they won’t invest enough in basic hygiene. Prop 8, will push dialysis corporations to invest more money in patient care and requires them to refund excessive profits that aren’t spent on improving patient care.

YES on Proposition 10

Affordable Housing Act (Repeals Costa-Hawkins): Prop 10 will give local communities the power to adopt rent control necessary to address the state’s housing affordability crisis. The measure will protect renters and help ease the burden of high rent cost on low- income and working families.

NO on Proposition 11

Emergency Ambulance Employee Safety and Preparedness Act: Prop 11 will allow private ambulance services to require their emergency medical technician employees to remain on call during meal and rest breaks. Thereby removing the right to an uninterrupted rest break, which is afforded under current law. While there is no direct impact to SEIU members if this initiative passes other industries will push for similar changes.

YES on Proposition 12

The Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act (P): Prop 12 places new size requirements on the coops and cages used to contain breeding pigs, veal calves, and egg-laying hens. It would also require all egg-laying hens to be raised in specified “cage-free” conditions. These requirements would apply to anyone selling related food products in California, even if the farms are out of state.


Kevin shouldered our fight for $15 minimum wage across the finish line, holds a strong record on environmental justice, and fought valiantly to protect our immigrant communities when the Trump Administration moved to openly attack them and divide families.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Congress District 1: Audrey Denney
U.S. Congress District 3: John Garamendi
U.S. Congress District 4: Jessica Morse
U.S. Congress District 7: Ami Bera
U.S. Congress District 9: Jerry McNerney
U.S. Congress District 10: Josh Harder
U.S. Congress District 12: Nancy Pelosi
U.S. Congress District 13: Barbara Lee
U.S. Congress District 14: Jackie Speier
U.S. Congress District 15: Eric Swalwell
U.S. Congress District 17: Ro Khanna
U.S. Congress District 18: Anna Eshoo
U.S. Congress District 19: Zoe Lofgren
U.S. Congress District 20: Jimmy Panetta
U.S. Congress District 21: TJ Cox
U.S. Congress District 22: Andrew Janz
U.S. Congress District 24: Salud Carbajal
U.S. Congress District 25: Katie Hill
U.S. Congress District 26: Julia Brownley
U.S. Congress District 27: Judy Chu

U.S. Congress District 28: Adam Schiff
U.S. Congress District 29: Tony Cardenas
U.S. Congress District 30: Brad Sherman
U.S. Congress District 31: Pete Aguilar
U.S. Congress District 33: Ted Leiu
U.S. Congress District 34: Jimmy Gomez
U.S. Congress District 35: Norma Torres
U.S. Congress District 36: Raul Ruiz
U.S. Congress District 37: Karen Bass
U.S. Congress District 38: Linda Sanchez
U.S. Congress District 39: Gil Cisneros
U.S. Congress District 40: Lucille Roybal-Allard
U.S. Congress District 41: Mark Takano
U.S. Congress District 43: Maxine Waters
U.S. Congress District 44: Nanette Barragan
U.S. Congress District 45: Katie Porter
U.S. Congress District 48: Harley Rouda
U.S. Congress District 49: Mike Levin
U.S. Congress District 50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
U.S. Congress District 51: Juan Vargas

California Senate

CA Senate District 2: Mike McGuire
CA Senate District 6: Richard Pan
CA Senate District 10: Bob Wieckowski
CA Senate District 12: Anna Caballero
CA Senate District 14: No Endorsement
CA Senate District 18: Bob Hertzberg
CA Senate District 20: Connie Leyva
CA Senate District 22: Mike Eng

CA Senate District 24: Maria Elena Durazo
CA Senate District 26: Ben Allen
CA Senate District 28: Joy Silver
CA Senate District 30: Holly Mitchell
CA Senate District 32: Bob Archuleta
CA Senate District 34: Tom Umberg
CA Senate District 36: Marggie Castellano
CA Senate District 38: Jeff Griffith
CA Senate District 40: Ben Hueso

California Assembly

CA Assembly District 2: Jim Wood
CA Assembly District 4: Cecilia Aguilar-Curry
CA Assembly District 7: Kevin McCarty
CA Assembly District 8: Ken Cooley
CA Assembly District 10: Marc Levine
CA Assembly District 15: Jovanka Beckles
CA Assembly District 16: Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
CA Assembly District 17: David Chiu
CA Assembly District 18: Rob Bonta
CA Assembly District 19: Phil Ting
CA Assembly District 20: Bill Quirk
CA Assembly District 21: Adam Gray
CA Assembly District 22: Kevin Mullin
CA Assembly District 24: Marc Berman
CA Assembly District 25: Kansen Chu
CA Assembly District 26: Jose Sigala
CA Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra
CA Assembly District 28: Evan Low
CA Assembly District 29: Mark Stone
CA Assembly District 30: Robert Rivas
CA Assembly District 31: Joaquin Arambula
CA Assembly District 32: Rudy Salas
CA Assembly District 35: Bill Ostrander
CA Assembly District 37: Monique Limon
CA Assembly District 38: Christy Smith
CA Assembly District 39: Luz Rivas
CA Assembly District 40: James Ramos
CA Assembly District 41: Chris Holden
CA Assembly District 43: Laura Friedman
CA Assembly District 44: Jacqui Irwin
CA Assembly District 45: Jesse Gabriel
CA Assembly District 46: Adrin Nazarian
CA Assembly District 47: Eloise Gomez Reyes
CA Assembly District 48: Blanca Rubio

CA Assembly District 49: Ed Chau
CA Assembly District 50: Richard Bloom
CA Assembly District 51: Wendy Carrillo
CA Assembly District 52: Freddie Rodriguez
CA Assembly District 53: Miguel Santiago
CA Assembly District 54: Sydney Kamlager
CA Assembly District 55: Gregg Fritchle
CA Assembly District 56: Eduardo Garcia
CA Assembly District 57: Ian Calderon
CA Assembly District 58: Cristina Garcia
CA Assembly District 59: Reggie Jones-Sawyer
CA Assembly District 60: Sabrina Cervantes
CA Assembly District 61: Jose Medina
CA Assembly District 62: Autumn Burke
CA Assembly District 63: Anthony Rendon
CA Assembly District 64: Mike Gipson
CA Assembly District 65: Sharon Quirk-Silva
CA Assembly District 66: Al Muratsuchi
CA Assembly District 70: Patrick O’Donnell
CA Assembly District 71: James Elia
CA Assembly District 72: Josh Lowenthal
CA Assembly District 74: Cottie Petrie-Norris
CA Assembly District 75: Alan Geraci
CA Assembly District 76: Tasha Boerner Horvath
CA Assembly District 77: Sunday Gover
CA Assembly District 78: Todd Gloria
CA Assembly District 79: Shirley Weber
CA Assembly District 80: Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher

California Board of Equalization

CA Board of Equalization 2: No Endorsement


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