Get Your Local Ballot and Pledge to Vote


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will fight alongside us to win Unions for All and make this country safe, free, and fair for all people – regardless of the color of our skin or how much money we have.

YES on Proposition 15

Schools and Communities First
Brings $12 billion to local communities and frontline workers by closing a huge corporate property tax loophole.

YES on Proposition 16

Opportunity for All
Allows California to fight discrimination and create equal opportunities in education and employment by overturning an outdated law that banned considering race and gender.

YES on Proposition 17

Restore Voting Rights for Parolees
Biases in the criminal justice system mean that poor people and people of color are more likely than others to be convicted of crimes and to lose their voting rights, while wealthy people can always afford the best lawyers.

YES on Proposition 18

Expanding Access to Voting for Young People
California Prop 18 allows someone who will turn 18 by the general election to also vote in the primary election. Vote for our future.

NO on Proposition 20

Repealing Criminal Justice Reform
Brings back higher prison spending and extreme sentences for minor crimes.

YES on Proposition 21

Rent Control
Gives back to local communities the power to control rent increases, which was taken away in a corrupt power grab 25 years ago.

NO on Proposition 22

Eliminating Protection for App-Based Workers:
Prop 22 was written by App companies, for App companies. It seeks to rewrite labor laws that would give them a free pass to underpay and mistreat their workers.

YES on Proposition 23

Protecting Dialysis Patients
Dialysis care is in crisis and it’s driving up costs for us all. While the quality of care for dialysis patients suffers dialysis corporations are making billions in profit and healthcare costs continue to increase for all of us.

YES on Proposition 25

Ending Money Bail
Ends the wasteful, unfair, and ineffective of holding people in jail based on their ability to pay instead of their risk to society.

U.S. Congress

CD-01: Audrey Denney
CD-08: Chris Bubser
CD-10: Josh Harder
CD-12: Nancy Pelosi
CD-13: Barbara Lee
CD-14: Jackie Speier
CD-15: Eric Swalwell
CD-18: Anna Eshoo
CD-19: Zoe Lofgren
CD-20: Jimmy Panetta
CD-21: T.J. Cox
CD-24: Salud Carbajal
CD-25: Christy Smith
CD-26: Julia Brownley
CD-27: Judy Chu
CD-28: Adam Schiff
CD-29: Tony Cardenas
CD-30: Brad Sherman

CD-31: Pete Aguilar
CD-33: Ted Lieu
CD-34: Jimmy Gomez
CD-35: Norma Torres
CD-36: Raul Ruiz
CD-37: Karen Bass
CD-38: Linda Sanchez
CD-39: Gil Cisneros
CD-40: Lucille Roybal-Allard
CD-41: Mark Takano
CD-43: Maxine Waters
CD-44: Nanette Barragan
CD-45: Katie Porter
CD-47: Alan Lowenthal
CD-48: Harley Rouda
CD-49: Mike Levine
CD-50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
CD-51: Juan Vargas
CD-53: Georgette Gómez

California Senate

SD-05: Susan Eggman
SD-09: Nancy Skinner
SD-11: Scott Wiener
SD-13: Josh Becker
SD-15: Dave Cortese
SD-17: John Laird
SD-19: Monique Limon
SD-21: Kipp Mueller
SD-23: Abigail Medina

SD-25: Anthony Portantino
SD-27: Henry Stern
SD-29: Josh Newman
SD-31: Richard Roth
SD-33: Lena Gonzalez
SD-35: Steven Bradford
SD-37: Dave Min
SD-39: Toni Atkins

California Assembly

AD-01: Elizabeth Betancourt
AD-02: Jim Wood
AD-04: Cecilia Aguilar-Curry
AD-07: Kevin McCarty
AD-10: Marc Levine
AD-13: Kathy Miller
AD-15: Buffy Wicks
AD-16: Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
AD-17: David Chiu
AD-18: Rob Bonta
AD-19: Phil Ting
AD-20: Bill Quirk
AD-22: Kevin Mullin
AD-24: Marc Berman
AD-25: Alex Lee
AD-26: Drew Phelps
AD-27: Ash Kalra
AD-28: Evan Low
AD-29: Mark Stone
AD-30: Robert Rivas
AD-31: Joaquin Arambula
AD-32: Rudy Salas
AD-35: Dawn Addis
AD-37: Steve Bennett
AD-39: Luz Rivas
AD-40: James Ramos
AD-41: Chris Holden

AD-43: Laura Friedman
AD-44: Jacqui Irwin
AD-45: Jesse Gabriel
AD-46: Adrin Nazarian
AD-47: Eloise Gomez Reyes
AD-49: Ed Chau
AD-50: Richard Bloom
AD-51: Wendy Carrillo
AD-52: Freddie Rodriguez
AD-53: Miguel Santiago
AD-54: Sydney Kamlager
AD-55: Andrew Rodriguez
AD-56: Eduardo Garcia
AD-57: Lisa Calderon
AD-58: Cristina Garcia
AD-59: Reggie Jones-Sawyer
AD-60: Sabrina Cervantes
AD-61: Jose Medina
AD-62: Autumn Burke
AD-63: Anthony Rendon
AD-64: Mike Gipson
AD-66: Al Muratsuchi
AD-68: Melissa Fox
AD-70: Patrick O’Donnell
AD-72: Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen
AD-74: Cottie Petrie-Norris
AD-76: Tasha Boerner Horvath
AD-77: Brian Maienschein
AD-78: Chris Ward
AD-79: Shirley Weber
AD-80: Lorena Gonzalez


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